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    for you,
    harming nature.

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Unique design, aesthetic touch and inspiring perfection

Placco has been producing the terrazzo with modern lines since the day it was founded, creating styles that touch the living spaces and memories. Terrazzos with different surfaces, sizes, colors and designs bring a unique aesthetic to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Placco terrazzos, which are formed by the combination of completely natural raw materials, reflect nature itself. It ensures that the spaces have a unique architecture by giving them timeless elegance.


Different patterns, same elegance: Terrazzo!

Terrazzo products can be easily applied to any area, transforming any area into a wonderful place. Each terrazzo product is so different that they are all unique pieces with different patterns.
About Us

1 in 500 Quadrillion!

Only natural stone aggregates are used in Placco products. For this reason, each product is as unique as a fingerprint.

We did not take inspiration from nature, we used nature itself!

The story of terrazzo, which adds elegance to every space it is in, began with the use of cement mortar, that is, in the 12th century BC. We continue the legacy of the past by combining modern lines and producing high quality products.



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